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Sunbeds are a need in some people's lives, for one reason or another. Whether the reason is that you are looking a bit pale or to help fight against a skin disorder, sunbeds are the one to use. This is because they are good for you in a number of ways which is says on our "Responsible Tanning" page. There are a number of ways that here at body bronze where we can help you to be the golden brown colour you have always wished for. To start we have a standard sunbeds you can use in our shops, these are vertical and horizontal, you can use any one of these HOWEVER, you need to be over the age of 18 or it would be against the law. We have all different prices that you can look at on our "Salons" page. Also, if you dont like the thought of a sunbed then you can go with the quick and easy method to get brown which is the spray tan, details can be found on our "spray tanning" page. And lastly, we hire out sunbeds to you at home, so you can tan in your own comfort at home, details about this will be on our "Sunbed Hire" page.

Tanning has never been easier but if you have any more questions please call 02087512106


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